Friday, August 31, 2012

NEW Pit Bull Links

Just added a page of Pit Bull Related links to our blog. If you know a website, rescue center, video news item or other positive pitbull related page that should be on our list, comment and let us know!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quantum's Mom and Alzheimers

Thanks for taking a moment to find out about my mom. Over the last 10-12 weeks, she's been suddenly forgetting things even in mid-sentence. It's clear enough that this is some kind of mental deterioration, sadly not uncommon in folks her age (which is 86).

My wife and I moved to Colorado 2 years ago to build a new home away from the hurricanes and crime back in Florida. In the country outside this little town of 4,000 people.  As well as a place for my mom's latter years. I'm the only child, and I knew either I took care of her in her later years or nobody would.

Eight weeks after my wife and I moved here, we had an electrical fire that destroyed virtual every possession we had with us, which included all of our professional equipment, tools, and materials.  And there went our interim means of employment. (If you've been reading our blog, you probably know about fire.) Our only remaining resources all being tied up in our property in Colorado, and our old place back in Florida.

We've been renting the place through a management company for most of our monthly income, but these last couple months mom has been becoming confused, forgetful to an extreme, and afraid to even leave her condo back in Florida. She would get the rent check for our place mailed to her, then deposit it in our bank there in Florida. Our bank there is really good, and the ones here are lousy. But she's misplaced the rent check 2 months in a row, and now she's forgetting that she ever even received these checks. Which obviously really messed up our limited income. I've also received highly concerned emails from her financial advisor, and my 88 yr old aunt up in Montana, concerning mom's behavior and lack of communication.

Now, I need to fly back to Florida and sort out mom's affairs. And sell our property back there to pay for moving mom out with us. She is gonna need daily social contact and supervision, for her well being and health. She's been living alone for 2 years, and it's clearly not been good for her.