Pit Bull Links and Info

Here's a list of important links and information for Pit Bull Owners. I'll be adding to this list whenever I find something worthwhile sharing.

Heroic Pit Bulls

Sgt. Stubby: American War Dog
Stubby the Military Dog
Pit Bull Heroes (stories of several astounding dogs) (video)
Pit Bull: Heroes (more fantastic dogs) (video)
Pit Bull Hero Saves Woman from Train (video)
Pit Bull Neighbor Saves Woman from Domestic Violence (video)
Hero Pit Bull Saves Family and takes bullet to head (video)
Pit Bull Saves Pregnant Woman and Child (video)

Other Heroic Dogs

Dog Saves Friend Dog on Highway (video)

Changing Public Perception about Pit Bulls & General Pitbull Info

Indy Pit Crew
Stubby Dog 
Happy Pit Bull
Pit Bull Lovers
I Heart Paws
For Pits' Sake

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Stubby Dog 12 Reasons to Oppose Breed-Discriminatory Legislation
Dog Watch (BSL alerts and info)
The "Pit Bull" Problem (video)

Anti-Dog Fighting
Knock Out Dog Fighting

Pit Bull (and other) Rescues

Noah's Ark Animal Rescue Association the wonderful folks who found Bushi for us (not pit bulls only)
Shorty's Pitbull Rescue
Villalobos Rescue Center
Bruised Not Broken


An American Hero
Born To Be Wild (cute Pittie on a motorcycle)
Faithful Partner - America's Forgotten Heroes
Dakota, a search & rescue pit
A For Pits' Sake Christmas (I cried)
Pitbull: the Truth
Who Is The Real Monster?
The Truth About the American Pit Bull Terrier
Pitbull Tribute
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 1 (WARNING: graphic and hideous portrayal of dog fighting - despite that, a good message about these wonderful dogs - note the rest of the documentary isn't' graphic, just this section)
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 2
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 3
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 4
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 5
Pit Bulls - Documentary - Part 6

Pit Bull Articles on our Critter Project Blog

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