Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its a ...Dri! (Girl)

Yesterday we got the call we'd been looking forward to and dreading.  Looking forward, because we're thrilled to have our yaks.  Dreading because we're still scrambling to get packed, fix up our two trailers and trucks and get the heck out to our land.  We were hoping to already be in Colorado by the time she was born.

HCC Yeti-Starr was born around noon (Colorado time) on April 12th.  She's completely adorable.  Black with a little white star on her forehead.  The sellers were kind enough to send us some photos.

Here's Yonkers with Yeti-Starr.  Isn't Yonkers a beauty!  Regal and motherly.  You can just barely see the star that gave little Yeti the second half of her name.  (The sellers had already named a previous calf Yeti, so we had to either add to her name or change it, for registry reasons - yes there really is a yak registry.  I'll see if I can locate it at some point and add the link.)

Here's another picture of Yonkers and Yeti-Starr.  Isn't she adorable with her wobbly legs and her too little white rear hooves?  These pics were taken yesterday, so she's only a few hours old here.  I can't wait to pet her and play with her!  Of course that's going to mean making friends with Yonkers, since yak mommies are very protective.  I'm thinking a generous supply of carrots and apples. 

And here's Yeti's big sister, Yazoo.  She's about a year old now.  What a pretty young lady! Her star reminds me of a state map - is it Texas, New York, Nevada?  Or maybe just the state of bliss I'm in, contemplating the additions to our family.

Hopefully mommy won't be as protective of her now that she has the baby to worry about.  We don't know if Yonkers will be tame-able enough to milk, but we're hoping Yazoo will, by the time she's old enough to have her own babies (probably next year or so).  Meanwhile I'm going to work on making good friends with this big girl, so that she's happy being touched.

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