Monday, November 1, 2010

A fire, trailer gone, people safe

Last night we had a fire and our trailer is no longer. We are okay, but Squeaky, our cat is missing. Please send your prayers for his safe return. Since our computer is toast, it may be a while before you hear from me. I look forward to my return.  Lemur


  1. We're really sorry to hear about the fire. Sounds horrible, glad everyone is ok. We'll pray for you and Squeaky. Please let us know if there's anything you need or that we can do to help.


  2. How dreadful! I'm glad that you are safe and will keep my fingers crossed that Squeaky will be returned to you safe and sound.

  3. This is tragic and sad. I hope & pray for you to receive a miracle.


  4. I do hope you find him!

    Get a new computer soon, I am finding your blog very interesting, something I have wanted to do too. Right now we are living in an apartment in Alaska. I hope you include more things about gardening, as I want to start a container garden on our "patio".

    What are you going to do without your trailer? Best of luck!