Saturday, February 19, 2011

Military Mom Suspended for Taking Call from Son in Afghanistan

I've been trying to stay off the subject of news and politics in this blog - except as it affects farming, animals and so on.

But when I heard this story on the news today, I couldn't help but comment.
Military Mom Pays High Price For Speaking With Son

If you haven't heard it, Teresa Danford answered a phone call from her son in Afghanistan. He's only able to call about once a month. Employees are not allowed to take phone calls during work hours. So Crane Interiors Foam Department suspended her from work without pay for three days (on a first offense) and told her that next time she'd be fired.

Well, me, I'm horrified. No matter what I think about the wars overseas, I believe
in supporting our troops themselves. Not to mention treating our employees humanely, no matter who they are.

If Quantum and I had an employee and one of them got a phone call like that:

"Here's our office, so you can have some privacy. The liquor cabinet is over there. Can we get you some tea or coffee? Take as much time as you need, and if you need the rest of the day off, or any help, just let us know."

This might be the last time she ever has a chance to talk to her son. It might not even have been her son calling, it could have been someone telling her that he'd fallen in battle. The idea of a company treating their employee like this has me infuriated.

Meanwhile the TV station we're watching asks for comments, and some chucklehead says, "she could have been putting the lives of other employees in danger by taking the call." In a furniture company? What are they worried about? Al Quaeda seat cushions? Suicide bomber sofas?

Now lets say this wasn't a mom of a soldier in battle. What if it was your normal ordinary mother of grammar school kid. What if they were calling to say the kid had gone into anaphylactic shock from eating a peanut butter sandwich and was being rushed to the hospital?

My guess is the manager probably would still have suspended her. Grrrr!

Meanwhile, the person who should have gotten suspended was the manager. Bad for employee morale, and potentially devastating for the company finances once word gets out. I know I won't be buying any furniture from Crane Interiors.

Here's a page with info on how to contact the folks involved if you'd like to bitch.
Mom Suspended @ Navy For Moms

Okay, I'll get back on subject ASAP and let you know about our continuing snow adventures.

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  1. That is insane, and dear, you are right on. If people cant respect the ones fighting for us and the mothers who barly get to talk to their son because of it, then what the hell are they doing living under the cape they provide?

    As for stupid people puting in stupid comments, well, they are out there and nothing we can do about stupid people :(