Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Mud Adventure

Despite the fact that I haven't posted it till now, it's been more than two solid weeks since the part 4 of our Snow Adventure. For several days we backpacked our groceries from the truck, which we'd left over at M's.

Then the snow melted a bit and Quantum decided to try to bring the truck home so we didn't have to carry things like huge cannisters of propane, gas cans, groceries and hay across a half mile of field.

Major mistake. Two weeks later we FINALLY got the truck unstuck from the mud. Each day we managed to get it a few feet further and have the truck mired in a brand new place. I wish I had pictures. The last time the truck was stuck bumper deep!

Quantum dug the truck out, but couldn't reach the mound of mud in the middle of underneath the truck, the battery died, all kinds of fun stuff. Twice we had to ask RY to get us gas for the generator and hike out to the road to meet him and get it.

Meanwhile the darn yaks ran away again. Broke the fence trying to reach some of their hay that was on the other side. Here we are trying to watch the news one afternoon (to see what new freaking storm might be bearing down on us) and out the window we see a yak scampering through the snow.

Fool that I am, I tried to follow them, but they're fast and surefooted, and I was stumbling in the drifts. Four days later we heard that they'd shown up at the same ranch they were at last time. The guy is happy to keep them till we can dig ourselves out and shore up the fence, thank goodness.

I've always been a recluse and self-sufficient. I hate asking for help, and would rather be the helper than the helpee. I guess this year's lesson is about being grateful for good neighbors and learning to say thank you.

Hah! Meanwhile, the other neighbors up the road, P&C, who Quantum originally thought were pretty cool, managed to catch RY's wife while RY was helping Quantum dig the truck out of the last mire. According to Sue, these folks said that "we don't help newbies. If they stick around a couple years, maybe." Well, gee, thanks folks. Glad not everyone has your attitude! The funny thing was that Quantum met the husband because he was trying to help THEM one day when it looked like P was broken down on the road.

So anyway, now that we've finally gotten out of the road and made it in for a few supplies, they're predicting snow for the weekend again. What fun!

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