Friday, September 17, 2010

And Freaking Wait - The Move Odyssey: Day 18

It's almost noon before the guy comes to fix CK's trailer in preparation for towing it. So much for their idea of "first thing in the morning."

Quantum spends the morning making phone calls to lumber yards, and I read Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. Awesome book so far. I'll probably review it in a few days.

CK and I pull out the makeshift cooler that we'd put most of the fridge stuff in, and had so much fun with Jesse over. There's a tube of biscuits that has exploded. Most of the stuff is moldy. I manage to save a few things - Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and a few other things that could survive without refrigeration. It's nasty. CK whines and holds the garbage bag and the bottle of water that we wash things in, while I do all the real work.

We'd been told that the repair will take an hour. By three, it still seems unfinished. Quantum says, "I just know it. He's going to show up at four and expect to move our trailer then." Quantum had already made it clear to the guy that no WAY were we moving onto the land at night.

Sure enough, an hour later, the guy shows up, says CK's trailer is done and is looking to hitch up our trailer to one of his trucks. Now originally he'd told us approximately $250 (including the repair on CK's trailer) and that he'd be using a 32 foot flatbed trailer to take the trailer out onto the land. Suddenly he seems to have forgotten all this and just wants to tow the thing on the back of one of his trucks. Quantum reminds him that the clearances on the bottom of the trailer are way too low and that the ditches are likely to wipe out the plumbing and the bottom of the trailer. The guy (for no reason we can understand) gets insulted and stomps off, saying that we'd better get someone else to do it.

So Quantum spends the rest of the afternoon calling back the folks in Trinidad that we'd originally planned on having move the trailers.

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