Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Potatoes from Hell and Eavesdroppers - On Our Land Day 8

Its not even full moon yet, but I wake in the middle of the night to find that the moon is shining so brightly (and there aren't any other lights to dim it) that I can just about see clearly. Amazing. I finally ignore it enough to sleep again.

CK and I run into town this morning for the rest of the lumber we need for the yak corral. The place in Trinidad didn't sell pressure treat. Ouch and the stuff isn't cheap either.

By the time we get back, Quantum has marked out some spacers he says he needs to use for the corrals. He starts cutting them, and immediately CK notices that the generator is leaking gasoline from some seal. I go online and start researching what kind of products will hold with gas - I know silicone won't do the job.

I take Zen for a walk into the woods. When the realtor lady was here she'd taken us up to an area that the former owner had excavated and marked out for a house site. We've tried finding it for several days now, and we can't locate it again. However I do find an elk's antler in the woods. Odd because all I find is the one antler - no skull, no bones, no second antler. Its too early in the year for them to be dropping their antlers now, and I know that its rare for antlers to survive more than a few months - the keratin in them is a yummy treat for the little critters.

We also try to get CK's Magic Jack working so we can make some phone calls. Having to drive all the heck the way to town just to get a cell signal is becoming annoying.  No luck with the Magic Jack. Research turns up that the thing is notorious for liking one computer only.

CK, meanwhile is losing his mind because the peace and quiet is getting to him. He's one of those people who hates silence and needs to be surrounded by noise - the TV, people to talk to and so on. He lurks over to our trailer to say that we need to entertain him.

In contrast, Quantum and I are very good at companionable silence. We can sit across the table from each other for hours without speaking and be happy with that. Quantum suggests that if CK really wants company, he can play Dungeons and Dragons with us. The two of us love the game. CK hates it passionately. He cringes and goes away.

A while later he makes a big project of cleaning out the wok, which we used for food that day. Ohmigosh! CK washed a dish. We should bow down to the gods in gratitude.

Shortly thereafter he's back in our trailer trying to help Quantum set up the Magic Jack. Still no luck. Meanwhile I need to use the bathroom, and since there's no bathroom door, wait as long as I can and then, unable to wait longer, I kick CK out of our trailer again. He seems insulted.

For three days in a row now, Quantum has been making baked potatoes. He wanted to do it his particular way, and when he's "that way" about it, I just let him do his thing and get out of the way. However the same potatoes have absolutely refused to cook, in all this time, and since we need to use them before they go bad, I decide I'm cooking them. They're hard as rocks and I do my best to gouge out their centers (which are now turning blackish in areas) and try to steam them.

I go out to grab the steamer pot. I find CK sitting in a chair under the windows of our trailer. Why he couldn't sit in a chair near his own trailer is beyond me, and it feels like we're being eavesdropped on. Not only that, I find that 2 ft. away from the wok which he made such a big deal of cleaning, is my steamer pot, left uncleaned - and it's that pot I need to cook dinner in.

I'm not proud of it, but I absolutely lace into him. He couldn't bother to clean more than one pot - in my mind, making a lie of his alleged usefulness - and on top of that, I feel like we're not allowed the slightest shred of privacy. Words fly. At point he says something to the effect of, "to you I'm just a servant." I go back in the trailer with my now clean steamer muttering that he shouldn't aggrandize himself with the idea of being a servant - servants are actually USEFUL.

An hour later the potatoes are still hard as rocks. I give up on them and make ramen noodles.

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