Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Never Would Have Found It - The Move Odyssey: Day 14

Bright and early we get a phone call from the realtor. Yay! She drives down and meets us in a parking lot and drives us up to the land.

She drives like a mad-woman on these back roads in her huge dually pickup, and we're hard pressed to keep up. Mostly she's a dust blur in the distance. We get to a point on the road. A small depression on one side, a field on the other. This is the Stockdam Pond, she says, referring to a landmark she'd told us about. We'd passed it several times, but it's about as notable as if she'd said "look for a rock."

She makes a right into the field. "This is a road?" we say. Not long after it does turn into a dirt road. Then it's just a grassy field again. Moments later we see the tumbledown shack that marks the western edge of our property, and it turns into a dirt road yet again, we swing around and out onto another grassy field, the area where we'd planned to build the house. Yay! We found it! The cedars have grown quite a bit, and its gorgeous as we remembered.

Zen gets out with us and we walk around a bit. He makes his first poop on our land and also discovers a cactus. Fortunately he doesn't seem harmed. "He'll learn about them," the realtor says. I decide that all the cacti will get dug up and moved to one area. Perhaps an area off our land.

We see cougar prints and human footprints. Somebody's been hunting on our land. Going to have to put up posted signs. The realtor suggests that we get a Great Pyrenees to watch the yaks and goats. That sounds like a good idea, we've been wanting a buddy for Zen, and we have a soft spot for big dogs.

After, I take CK over to see the yaks. There doing well, of course. These folks take good care of their critters. CK gets mock-charged by not only Yonkers, but by Yazoo too. R takes me down to meet her horses. Sweet creatures. Obviously loved upon and spoiled. Even the stallions are gentle as pie.

That night I make tacos in the microwave, doing what browning of beef we can with that machine. Recently I saw an interview with some woman who wrote a microwave cookbook. Ghastly. I can't wait to have a real fire.

Late that night after watching Iron Chef, Quantum finally does my hair.

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