Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting in Walsenburg - The Move Odyssey: Day 13

We wake up Saturday to the news that the folks who own the motel need to go somewhere for the weekend, and we've got to make our decision real fast about whether or not we're going to stay here.  At this point, thanks to staying in motels (which we didn't plan on) and having to give rent money (also not planned on) we're just about tapped as to money. Fortunately we have a check coming soon, though it might be a week to access it. And since it's the beginning of the month CK has his check, but I'd really rather be spending that money on food and other important things. Turns out they're charging us $80/night here because they're charging us $50/night for the 5 animals.  And this is the discounted rate! ACK!

I run out to the feed store and buy some "range cakes" (though I wonder if I've really got what the yak lady suggested - these look like giant sized rabbit pellets) and a salt lick for the yaks. After that, CK and I run out, him up to his trailer, which we left in the back lot of a gas station, and dropping me at the library.

I can't get a library card because I need a piece of mail with my address on it. I'll mail myself something tuesday, as this turns out to be Labor Day Weekend, of all things. The library is small but very nice. Browsing the shelves while I wait for CK to come back, I find several titles I hadn't been able to get at the used book store. Two series I'd been reading, and they have every book in both series!  Plus I find some birding books, and a bucket load of interesting cookbooks. Ack! I might have to wait three or four whole days before I get a card!

We get back to the motel and I head off to visit the yaks. We'd called ahead but gotten no answer. I figured the yaks needed the salt so I head up anyway. T&R end up pulling in right as I'm unlatching the gate.

The yaks are still standoffish, especially Yonkers but I can already tell that they're somewhat happy to have people around. I try mimicking their grunts. It'll take a while before I get the sound down. The yaks look at me, somewhat startled and I wonder what I just said. Eventually they become interested in the hay I've laid out for them, and they munch away only inches from me. Yazoo gets close enough to sniff my hand, and I manage to give her a small pat.  Ooh she's soft.

The rest of the day is spent waiting for the realtor to call back.

Shortly after I get back, there's a problem with the motel's electric. Our fridge and TV work, but the AC cuts out, and most of the folks don't have any electric. What fun!

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