Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Headsets in Hicksville - On Our Land Day 11

I wake up again at some crazy hour of the night and lay in the dark looking at the growing moonlight. This going to sleep at 8:30 at night thing is getting annoying.

As I'm laying there, I suddenly hear the most incredible noise. Coyotes howling. Perhaps foxes, but I don't think so. Their voices rise, strange, eerie and beautiful. Zen listens, but he doesn't return their call. I'm guessing that I hear about five or eight individual voices, probably to our west, and no other calls respond to them.

The sound is chilling, slightly scary. Hearing them on National Geo isn't even close to the power and hauntingness of the real sound. I realize I wouldn't like my cat or puppy out there amongst that. I can't see them moving around in the moonlight, and most likely they aren't anywhere near our trailer. I recall walking out in the woods yesterday. I could have passed them within inches and not known.

In the morning Quantum starts working on the corral while I run into town to buy a new headset. Hopefully that is all we need to get the phone thing up and running. I take Zen with. He enjoys the ride and he's a great co-pilot. Unfortunately there are no headsets in Hicksville. After trying one "everything shop," one alleged computer/internet store, two dollar stores, the grocery and two auto parts stores (the guy at the grocery said they might carry them) I realize that I am out of luck unless I want to go to Trinidad or Pueblo. Since I've already been gone a couple hours, I figure Quantum might worry if I drive all the way there.

On the way home I consider that perhaps headset drivers are the problem.

Also on the way home we find some cows. Zen hasn't yet met cows, and he is fascinated. I slow down to a crawl alongside them and he sniffs like mad. No doubt saying, "what huge weird dogs!"

Back home I spend another hour or two trying our various headsets and looking for drivers for them. At last I locate something that seems to work.

However nobody I know is home to verify that yes they can hear me. Except Quantum's mom, who can't hear him again. Of course sometimes she has trouble hearing him when we call on a regular phone, so who knows. Later I try my mom again. She's home, she hears enough noise to know its me, but she can't hear what I'm saying. When will this phone hell be over?

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