Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet At Last - On Our Land Day 7

I wake up at the despicable hour of 3 something and can't seem to get back to sleep. Every night I've been getting to bed earlier and then waking up earlier, and it's starting to get annoying. We forgot to boil water last night so I can't even make a cup of coffee unless I'm willing to brave the cold and dark outside.

Quantum has to be in town by 7am to make a phone call to the satellite guy. I read by candlelight and try to stay awake. 5am comes, at which point Quantum said he wanted me to wake him. Of course it's "give me a half hour," "give me 20 minutes," and so on. I finally crawl back into bed and wake up with the sun streaming in just a short while before Quantum returns from town with coffee.

He goes out again shortly after to actually meet the guy and lead him up here (the first was a wake-up call). Scott the cable guy shows up in his pickup. He's a biker-looking dude from the Bronx but he's been in CO for several years. He tells us that the cat tracks we've seen are probably bobcat (they actually have bigger feet than mountain lions) and that we need to be careful because coyotes will try to attack Zen as a pack, and that the few ant hills we've seen are in fact fire ants. This last is especially bad news. I was really hoping to leave those evil bastards back in FL.

Eventually the satellite dish gets put in. Somehow they stuck the ugly thing right outside the bedroom window of the trailer (not where I'd planned on it going!) but too late now.

And finally we're reconnected to the world! Internet at last! But no TV? We'd told him we wanted TV. That seems to be a seperate service and he didn't bring along the right dish for that. *Sigh* Oh well.

After they leave CK goes into town for water (hauled from our apartment) and Quantum and I hang out on the laptop, getting our first gasp of news and such in weeks.

We also debate the plan for digging a garden, and consider what we can grow before the snow falls, and how to build mini greenhouses for the beds.

I want to set up the Magic Jack now that we have internet, so I can call Mom and other family, but that'll have to wait for tomorrow.

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