Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photos at Last

I managed to pry some pictures out of CK's camera today:

Here's me looking at the tires. This is taken just before our escape from FL at the storage place where we were keeping our trailers. That's CK's trailer being pulled by our blazer and in the mirror in the foreground is our trailer.

This is our "driveway." Note the barely discernible path through the grass. This was taken a couple weeks ago. The driveway is a bit more beaten-down now. In the center is a watering trough which was used for cattle at one point. We're hoping the pipes in this thing can be opened up and lead to a viable well. In the distance on the right is a field owned by our neighbors - the only thing we can see from here that doesn't belong to us. 

To the north of our trailer is the area where we'll probably put the house when we're ready to build. We're going to do all we can not to cut down any trees, so the idea is to build in front of these gorgeous cedars and pines.

To our west, the Spanish Peaks rise on the horizon. Yes, this is really our view! Amazing, right?

And here are our yak girls, in a temporary corral at our friends T&R's place. Yazoo is on the left. You can tell her by the white patch on her face. Yonkers, the mommy yak is in the back, with baby Yeti Star in front. Yeti is about 5 months old here. I'm just dying to pet that soft little muzzle.

Hopefully we'll get them on our land this week and the ladies can start getting used to us.

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