Friday, September 17, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait - The Move Odyssey: Day 16

I wake feeling happy but a bit cramped from the bed last night. Zen and Squeaky immediately give up their truce and Zen chases Squeaks under the bed.

Labor Day Weekend is finally over. I head out to the post office (we're expecting a check from Quantum's mom) and to get my library card. The library people are really nice and soon I'm in possession of a new card and several borrowed books. A novel, three or four cookbooks, a book on wilderness survival and a book by chef Anthony Bourdain, whose No Reservations program is one of my favorites on the Travel Channel.

I return and Quantum heads for the bank to get a new account. The people there want to do a credit check, and Quantum rebels on principle. Instead we overnight the check to our regular bank in FL and decide not to do business with these folks. The town seems divided between the regular folks, who are down-to-earth and decent, and a bunch of neocons who don't even live here but want to run things.

CK talks to the guy who runs the campground and he says he can probably tow the trailers onto the land (and fix the tongue on CK's trailer) for about half what we were going to pay the company in Trinidad. He wants to go out to the land and look over the road, of course, so we're in waiting mode till he can get free.

That morning we find one of our three can openers, CK's C-Pap machine (which he'd buried under his crap in his trailer) and the box of cooking utensils.

I call about Aubrey, the Great Pyrenees, and find out that she's been moved to a Great Pyrenees Rescue in Colorado Springs - just that morning. An extra hour drive, but she's still available. Of course it'll be a few days before we can get up there to see her. The folks running the rescue seem like nice folks, and mention that they also train dogs (or train people to train dogs - they've obviously been watching Cesar Milan). We should (naturally) bring Zen with us to meet Aubrey and see how they get along. If she doesn't work out for us, they have a boat load of other Pyrenees.

We can't do much else that day because we're waiting on the guy who's going to tow our trailers out to be ready to drive out with Quantum and see the road. He says he should be ready at 1:30. Then at 4:00. By this time we're realizing that by the time he gets his act together it'll be dark. Not a good time to be driving on ill maintained dirt trails with mountain lions hanging around.

Dinner is edible but uninspiring fried shrimp and french fries from the local truck stop. At $3.99 each it's not a bad deal.We get an extra order for B, and I find him sleeping in his pickup with the door open and leave it on his dashboard.

That night Zen seems to be having a little trouble breathing. Shortly thereafter, I am too. I don't know if it's something with the food (Zen had some too of course) or something with the air. I'm feeling claustrophobic and short of breath and antsy. Fortunately, cranking open the window seems to do the trick.

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