Friday, September 24, 2010

Equinox Rain - On Our Land Day 12

We got up and out relatively early and headed to town to bring more hay to our yaks. They seemed happy to see us even though they weren't out of hay yet. Unfortunately Yonkers ate a string off a hay bale, so I'll be wanting to keep an eye on her.

After that we headed up to the apartment to get some water, and said hi to Rose. She mentioned that one of the women who lives in the apartments there has three dogs. She owns a small place outside town where she keeps them, property she inherited from her mom. There's no electric there and no heat, so she can't live there, but she goes several times a day to take care of them. Rose asked if we'd foster the two larger dogs for the winter (where they can be warm) and she'll let the woman keep the chihuahua at the apartments. Yay! Our First Critter Project rescue dogs! The nice part is that we can foster them and know they'll go back to their beloved owner in spring.

On the way home we saw a flock of turkeys. They looked fat and yummy! Can't wait to get real electric and a freezer!

All day it's been threatening to rain, and when we got back, a bit past noon, we got one or two sprinkles. We got on marking our wood for the corral fence. At about 3:30 we finally got a real rain. Our first Colorado rain nourishing the ground and making our plant friends happy. A perfect gift for Equinox.

Happy Equinox to all!

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