Thursday, September 2, 2010

Repairs... - The Move Odyssey: Day 3

Repairs... - The Move Odyssey: Day 3

CK and I get up early and drive to the mechanic in Valdosta. Almost immediately we get some hopeful news. The guy looks at it briefly and says that it could be an electrical problem. The other guy who works at the shop is running late, so we go up the road for some coffee and find a cute little 40s style diner.

Not only does the Downtown Diner serve a great egg sandwich, but they're also recently in the paper for setting up a program to feed the homeless. The owners tell me thanks to the article, they've gotten a fridge donated to them, and the mayor is getting involved.  Good stuff!

Back at the mechanic, we wait and wait and wait. Fortunately I have a mystery novel with me, so I'm content to hang out. For a change CK and I are also getting along well. Of course don't expect that to hold for long.

After a couple hours they finally get a chance to look at our truck, put it on the computer, and yes, they really do think it's electrical. Fabulous news! They're going to order an ignition coil and will call us and let us know how it goes. We drive back to the motel.

Incidentally, downtown Valdosta is adorable. The buildings range from Victorian to Art Deco, and I spend my time oohing and ahhing at the architecture.

A few hours after we return to the motel we get a call from the mechanic. Yes it was the coil. And the cost is only $160 instead of the huge bill we anticipated if it was the tranny.  We pick up the truck and it runs great.  Of course by then, its too late to bother getting on the road again, so we spend the rest of the night in Lake Park.

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